Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Porcupine Here, Porcupine There, Everywhere a Porcupine

Prospect_mountain_porcupinesI recently bought very bright LED headlights and tail lights for my
Sector 9 pintail. They are called Sunrisers (check out my technology
blog). They shine about 50' up the road. I decide to hike prospect
mountain at midnight and skateboard down the road with the lights on.
As I leave my truck at the gate a cop shines his hi beams on to see an
image of a punk kid with gloves, a camelbak and a large skateboard
start walking up the road. I got to the first overlook at about 1,200
feet of elevation and decide that was good enough. As I'm sailing down
the road picking up wayyy to much speed and trying not to think about
the large boulders on both sides of the road blocking all bail out
exits, I see some strange objects ahead. I though... hmm... I didn't
notice those large bails of hay in the road on the way up... nope...
they were friggin' porcupines! There were about 6 large ones lumbering
across the road and they didn't give a shit that a large bright object
was hurtling at them at mach looney speed at this point. With the
option of bailing out to the side of the road and smashing head first
into a large boulder or bailing in the middle of the road to surely
roll over a few very prickly animals I chose to run the porcupine
gauntlet. Threaded the needle on my pin tail through a family of
porcupines, flew around the last bend at speed that was pusing fish
tails, and finally slowed to a stop with my legs shaking. What a rush...

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