Monday, September 26, 2005

Longboarding the back alley with Jonesy Bone

LongboardingMatt took this wierd shot of me on my longboard coming down the alley.
That light is actually the headlight on my board going back and
forth... oddly, I'm a ghost in this photo and you can't see me..

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mt. Biking with Nick Kladis

KillingtonNick and I took off to Killington for the day for some serious downhill
bombing. We had shorts on and cross country bike helmets but were
bombing past everyone with full-on gear. I managed to tear the cable
out of my rear deraileur while Nick pretty much destroyed 2 bikes. The
first bike he had he tore out the break cable and emptied the hydraulic
fluid, his second bike he took a good size divit out of the rear tire
rim when he got a flat. Overall I'd say we got our moneys worth with no
real injuries, just some blood here and there..

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Day in the Catskills of NY

CatskillsOn the edge of a 50' cliff on Black Dome in the Catskills of New York.

Traveled down to the Catskills to climb Thomas Cole, Black Dome and
Black Head Mountains which I need towards my New England 100 highest
and Northeast 111ers. I dropoped my truck at the exit trailhead and
biked down to the southern trailhead to start my hike over the long
ridge of mountains. It was a 6.3 mile hike that I did from 1pm to
4:30pm. Nice easy hike over the ridge of mountains with a few ledges of
views as you can see from above. The Catskills are weird to hike in
because even at 4,000 feet the vegetation is the same as 2,000 feet and
the rock is mostly shale slabs that are difficult and annoying to hike
on. But.. great weather and a great day

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Gnarly Drops at Killington

Cimg4006gjhgOne of the gnarly drops on the freshly cut black diamond trails of Killington with my bike in front for comparison


Killington Biking Trails from the Summit

BujubggjkLooking down on the biking trails from the summit restaurant.

Killington, Pico and downhill Rallying

Killington_pico_9405_23On Top of Killington after hiking over the summit of Pico and Killington's ridge in the background.
to Mt. Snow on Saturday with my friend Justin for some crazy downhil
mt. bike action and also some micro brew tasting at the beer festival
they had there. Justin then left to pick up furniture with his wife and
head back to Boston. I headed up Vt. Route 100 to Rutland, VT and got
some dinner at Applebee's while watching the Sox beat the Orioles. I
then drove my truck up to the parking lot at Killington and slept under
the stars. It was so clear you could see the Milky Way perfectly. Woke
up the next day and fixed the 2nd flat I had on my bike in two days at
the Killington bike shop where I got a long trail suggestion from the
guy running the shop. I then talked the gondola lift operator into
sending my bike to the summit. I then drove up to the pass between Pico
and Killington and started my hike up the AT/Long trail to the summit
of Pico and then over the ridge to the summit of Killington. 6 mile
hike in about 3 hours. After a short rest and some much deserved
swedish fish I changed into my spd shoes and helmet and headed down the
newly cut black diamond single track trails I was told about. Best
downhilling I have ever done!!!... Long 45 minute decent through very
techinical turns and drops. By the time I got down the access road to
Route 4 both legs were solid rocks of cramps. I tossed my bike into the
woods changed back into my hiking shoes and started walking up the long
hill to the pass. 5 minutes into the walk a nice elderly Vermont couple
picked my ass up and brought me up the hill. Was able to get my truck
and start heading home at 4pm. Not bad for two days in Vermont

Friday, September 2, 2005

Getting Sued

My father took a message today at home from a woman named Angel from
Progressive who says that the lawyer I accidentally ran into in 1999 is
suing progressive and myself I guess. Funny, because he was doing
jumping jacks to show me he was ok directly after the accident. I knew
he was tryint to sue Progressive back then but I didn't know it would
affect me 6 years later. I know I had comprehensive insurance and
liability at the time and from what Progressive told me the guy had to
have filed a suit by this coming sunday for him to be able to sue, but
nobody knows if he actually did that or not because no one can get a
hold of his lawyer or him. So... I guess I'll learn on Tuesday if I'm
getting sued or not... but for now I'm not going to worry about it.

Propper Attire

Cimg3542If I get sued, this is what I'm wearing to court!

Mt. Dew

Cimg3540Mountain Dew Drinking Contest with Kladis at work... Jonny Danger 12,
Klumpernuts... 7... hahahahaha, who's the Mt. King.. this guy this guy