Saturday, October 22, 2005

Down to the City

So after a horribly depressing night last night I randomly decided to head down to NYC to meet up with a girl I met a few weeks back named Kate.  I drove down on Saturday night and went out to a birthday party for her and her roomate Julie.  Visiting_kate_senisi_102205_39_2I almost got completely lost with the 25 turn directions mapquest gave me to get to Jersey City.  We ended up going out to a bar named Kiev with $4 mixed drinks and I had a really great time.  I got to meet a bunch of guys that my buddy Jon Hughes went to school with.  They were awesome people and I hope to hang out with them again soon.  I like visiting cities every now and then because I meet truly interesting people.  Like Mike who bought a huge container of Tuna fish at 3am and then proceeded to toss it onto the cab window we got into as we were leaving..., and Pete, who decided at a red light to jump out and eat the now windblown tuna fish off the window!  Or like kate's friend Tristan who works on the Tony Danza show, or Amanda who cooks up some damn good cup cakes!  Anyway, had a terrific night and a great time hnaging out with Kate all day today.  She took me out to lunch at a vegetarian thai food joint called the Red Bamboo and although I hate vegetarian, oddly I trusted this girl to order my food for me... HOLY SHIT, it was delicious!  Visiting_kate_senisi_102205_47We had a crispy soul chicken appetizer and I had bourbon chicken for my entree (both not chicken, but tasted exactly if not better than the real thing) and was astonished at how awesome it was.  Kate is not only beautiful, but also very intelligent and wonderfully unique (the girl owns two giant iguanas, doesn't like to shop, has her scuba diving license, and steers away from name brands like louis vutton) and I hope I get to see her again soon so she can introduce me to more new things that I can't experience here in upstate NY. 


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