Saturday, October 8, 2005

Hangin' with the old man...

Scan_1Hangin' with my dad for the weekend while my mom skips town to Maine with her sister Sue.  Too bad it's going to rain on them all weekend... I always spend at least a full day at home with my dad every weekend (for all you out there who don't know, he has Congestive Heart Failure --- the reason I moved back to the area from Boston).  But even when I when I do spend a whole day with him I atleast have the nights to go out and hang with my friends and one day to do something I like to do like hike, bike, ski.  But this weekend I had to give up all three nights.. and at first I was upset... especially after the hard week of work I had.  But, after spending last night and tonight with him just hanging out I really enjoyed it.  Scan0321We joked and laughed about things and he told me some stories I'd never heard before... And I told him a few stories that he'd heard a million times before, but couldn't remember anymore so enjoyed them anyway.  haha.  He's a great guy and great father, and he has a huge heart despite it failing physically.  When it comes down to it, I cherish every moment that I have left with him.   For those of you who have met my father... these are some pictures of him back in WWII when he was a pilot who flew rescue missions in Berma.


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