Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Squirrel Stories

Cimg0237As I passed by the back entrance to Elevate Cycles which I live over, I heard Chris the owner call out, "I finally got him!!!"... I of course went over to investigate and saw a long box about 3 feet tall and about 4 inches wide and deep leaning against the door frame.  But something was odd... I heard a scratching noise coming from inside of it.  Chris' dog Cinder was going nuts sniffing the box...  Well, Chris finally caught the squirrel that had been living in our floor and his ceiling for months now driving his poor black lab nuts.  Apparently he came to work and found it sitting on his desk in the shop and Cinder trapped against a wall.  Chris quickly shoved a box over it and packed it up... TO SHIP TO ALASKA!  I found this funny but didn't think much about it.. halfway to work I suddenly thought, "wow.. he may just do it!"  So I turned my truck around and went back.  It had now become a rescue mission.  Cimg0240I arrived back at the bike shop to see a UPS truck parked outside and as I walked in I saw chris trying to hand the UPS guy money to bribe him into taking the box (and squirrel inside) away to Alaska.  I quickly grabbed the box-of-squirrel and bolted for the door.  Got to work and recruited my buddy Adrian to accompany me on the squirell releasing adventure.  We drove past Skidmore and released him into the woods but not before I stepped in a puddle soaking my foot.  So, in the end we had one scared shitless squirell confused in a new environment, a soaked foot, and a dog who has now lost his quarry.  Overall, a normal morning a guess.


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