Saturday, November 26, 2005


LevelonewebMegan came over tonight at about 6pm with a bottle of wine which we both began to tank before going to the Mathematicians at Wallabees Jazz Bar in Glens Falls.  Rick came by and was nice enough to be our driver for the night.  Josh and Jess went to the Allman Brothers Concert instead.  We watched the movie "Crash" here before heading to Glens Falls and by the time we got there I was absolutely hammered.  I don't recall much of the night except dancing like a maniac.  Cimg0795I know that Jeremy Byers as there with Dave Long and Brian King and Devin, Jonny, Nick and Audra.  I also know that the Mathematicians stayed in character and absolutely rocked out.  You should definitely check out their website and buy their cd (just click on the photo above).  Apparently I danced a little too hard because when I woke up this morning my keys were gone, as well as Megan's phone (the 2nd she's lost in a week, haha).  Cimg0810And from what I've heard we were all very drunk when we got back to Saratoga last night.  I threw Megan into a  few snow banks and even carried her up the icy stairs into the apartment.  I then proceeded to pass out underneath the coffee table in the living room here... whoops.  I vaguely remember parts of all this... Anyway... I now have a hang over.  Check out the pics I took of the band rockin' out.  It was a small jazz club so they were really packed in.  It was a great time and seeing them live was unbelievable.Cimg0813
Update:  Found my keys after searching everywhere... apparently they fell out of my back pocket at Wallabees.  Oh, and photos from top to bottom are:
Pete Pythagoras, Albert Gorithm the 4th and Dewi Decimal.  You'll have to do some digging to find out their real names...


Skiing with Kladis

Cimg0727Skiing on Friday was absolutely amazing.  Best skiing I've had over Thanksgiving weekend ever.  The lines were short and there was over 60 trails open at Killington.  I actually found a few trails through the trees that led to open fields of about 8" of fresh powder and untracked.  There weren't any built jumps yet but I found one on the side of the trail that gave pretty good air time.  The picture I put here shows how deep the pow was shows the rolling knoll I was hittin' for some air.  I've also included a photo of a Gaper Cimg0732(If you can see past the bright orange jump suit you'll notice she has a NIKE hat on, rear entry boots, and the oldest pair of skis I've ever seen).    I'm going try to take pictures of these kinds of people all year long so whenever I post about skiing keep an eye out for a Gaper.  And in the meantime support my bros in Tahoe by buying their ski movie (just click on the photo of the DVD below). Despite the weather being about 10 degrees and the blowers on some of the trails the skiing was great and I stayed until about 3:30pm.  My Bronze pass wouldn't work because of the blackout date but they gave me a free ticket somehow anyway.  I was alone, but it was great rocking down powder slopes with my ipod and pickin' lines through the bump runs.  I came home on friday night and was beat tired but managed to visit Matt one last time and hit 904d58d296494ac49a0c51d0bba1f901_boxcoveup the hot tub again to soothe my muscles with him and Dennis Russell who stopped by.  I didn't stay long as I had to meet up with Nick Kladis at 8am the next morning.
The skiing on Sat was definitely not the same as friday.  The snow had been skied off and there were more people at the mountain resulting in longer lines.  Nick and I met up with his friends George and Klute from FGM who were apparently already drunk at 10am in the morning.  They took two runs with us that dissapeared for more beers at their car and we never saw them again.  Nick was not having a good time on his board over the rough terrain and negotiating through all the people so we left after a quick lunch at about 1pm. Cimg0734 Nick is too used to the perfect skiing of western ski resorts so he didn't want to deal with the crappy conditions.  He was my ride so we took off early.  My skiis were pretty beat up by that point anyway.  I'm not sure what my plans for tonight are yet but I heard something about the Mathematicians playing in Glens Falls so I may hit up that...  3 days of skiing in thus far and many more to come!

PS.  I'm sure if the Gaper would appreciate the font....


Friday, November 25, 2005

Hot tubbin'

Cimg0719After dinner at the Adirondack Coach House for Thanksgiving I watched "Kicking and Screaming" with Will Ferrel with the 'rents.  Wasn't as funny as I thought it would be.  I headed up to the Jones' again at 9:30 to play some Cranium with them and Hurley.  Of course Matt's parents won but I think the highlight was watching Mr. Jones dance around like Michael Jackson!  Hit up the hot tub again with everyone and after watching Logan, Chris and Matt jump into the snow I had to also do it in order to not feel old.  Cimg0721I ended up rolling down the hill of 4" of snow about 20 feet or so and getting so dizzy in the process that I stood up and ran the wrong way sideways... finally made it back to the hot tub and dove in head first.  Great time with the guys.  I drove slowly buy Jud's on the way home but nobody was there so I came home to get a good nights rest before skiing tomorow.  Everyone I asked to ski with me bailed on me and I haven't heard from Meg so I guess I'm going alone as always.  With the new snow it should be good skiing!


Thursday, November 24, 2005


Cimg0698Happy Turkey Day everyone!  Nothing really exciting planned with my family.  It will just be my Aunt and my parents at the Adirondack Coach House.  I'll probably just have my favorite prime rib for dinner instead of turkey.  Had fun last night.  Went to the Jones' and hung out with Logan for a bit.  I hit up their massaging hot tub for a while and my back this morning feels better than it has in weeks!  I then went out to Juds and met up with Chris Hurly, Stumpy, Jacquelin, Lindy and Shannon.  Dave Long was there with Kinger and Jonny and Deven and Megan was with Kinger as usual.. haha.  I hung out there for a bit then followed Stumpy in Chris' old giant black Dodge down to Glens Falls and the Bullpen.  By then it was about 3 in the morning and the only people I knew at the Bullpen were about 2 grades below me in highschool so I decided to leave.  As I was about to leave I bumped into Jacquelin's friend Arian (the one I made out with on my birthday).  She needed a ride back to Ballston Spa so I offered and drove her home.  Found out that she is making nearly a grand a night in the city stripping... that kinda money almost makes me wish I had tits, oh well.  Cimg0704As soon as I dropped her off it began to snow like mad and I was running on fumes in my truck (see photo).  I still can't believe I made it back to my apartment without running out of gas.  So, for the night before turkey day I had a great time and ended up driving the only stripper I know home at 4am.  Go figure.


Sunday, November 20, 2005


Rick_and_zack_112005_07_1Rick Spratt came over with his dog Zackary.  Jess took the liberty of brushing the dog for 45 minutes until it looked like a giant cotton ball scuttling around the apartment.  I call him crazy eye because when he turns to look at you one eye goes a little too far to the side... haha.  We hope Rick brings him by more often to hang out.  He's a lap dog and likes to cuddle up with people.


A Very Drunk Nick Kladis

I believe the highlight of tonight was Kladis rubbing his breasts and belting out "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me".... Unreal how funny this kid was last night.  After I got back from skiing I found out that everyone was coming down and up to meet up in Toga for the night.  Jeremy Byers, Dynomite Daryl, Dave Simon, Kasey, Jon Hughes and his friends, Jess, Josh, Nick, Audra, Kate and I all went out to the two shittiest dance clubs in Toga - the City Tavern and then the Venu (where I snuck around the 5$ cover.. hahaha).  Drunk_kladis_at_the_venu_111905_27Kladis was at his prime singing every rap lyric to every song that came on... very amusing seeing that normally he only listens to punk rock bands with us... haha.  Audra was kind enough to tell me that my hair has gotten completely out of control and that I need eye cream!!! what!!!!????  Jon and I convinced Kate Chamberlain to come out and play because she had a bad day and she ended up seducing me like she always does with those damn dance moves of hers.. haha.  Great time and I think this picture of Nick captures it well...


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ski Season

Ski season has officially restarted at Killington after 3 weeks of warm weather.  They opened today with 13 trails of top to bottom skiing, 3 lifts, and the gondola.  It was in the mid 30's today and I went alone with my new ipod.  It was a friggin' zoo of people but everyone was well spread out so the lift lines weren't that bad.  My back is still sore from throwing it out but I managed a ton of spins today and got my picture taken so i might end up on the website... still gotta check.  First_ski_day_at_killington_111905_03I skied for about 5 hours until all the good snow was scrapped off the slopes by the idiots from New Jersey that had come up to invade the mountain.  All the trails funneled down into one which meant that all the beginner skiers were funneled into the same giant mogul field near the bottom.  Ski patrol had positioned themselves in this area and were literally dragging girls out of the way as experienced skiers bombed down the center line of moguls.  It was awesome watching ski videos while headed up the mountain on the gondola on the new ipod.  Crashed good a couple times but only because I was really pushing myself on the first day out... Great time and a great day!


Thursday, November 17, 2005


First_snow_in_toga_111705_02It's finally snowing in Saratoga!!! Let the ski season begin!!!!!


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Am I old or what?

So today I was walking around the apartment picking up old magazines and I threw out my back!!!  I'm friggin' 26 years old and very active... how the hell do I throw out my back???  I collapsed to my bed confused yelling for Josh who came into my room and promptly laughed at me.  I hope this is just a temporary thing because I don't want to have back problems this young, especially at the start of ski season!!!!


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Platekill almost killed me!

Cimg0557Went biking with Matt Jones today at Platekill ski area in the Catskills.  It is a small mountain but Matt and I heard they had good downhillin'... hells yeah they do.  Matt and I showed up with simply bike helmets on, while everyone else there had huge heavy downhill bikes with 10" of travel and full body armor padding.  I even got made fun of for it!!! Whatever, Matt and I hauled ass faster than half those posers there!  I took a couple good diggers and am still bleeding a little bit from each of my limbs.  Cimg0562_0001I torked my headset sideways, ripped my brake handle off, and messed up my gears.  Matt ended up with two flat tires for the day.  We were able to repair my brake halfway through the day, but it was mad shady and I had to squeeze it all the way to the handle to get it to work at all.  Took Matt 3 hours from the city to get there and it took me about 2 hours.  They had a great course set up with a huge road gap, double-ups, drops, a see-saw, and a wooden bridge you could launch off of at the end.  Only place on the East Coast I've been to with such a setup.  It was awesome and next year when I get padding I'm going to kill it!  Great day and always a good time biking with Jonesy Bone :)


Wednesday, November 9, 2005

So long FGM...

Well, after being pulled into the front office about my attitude at work I decided to quit tonight!  I will no longer work for a company that encourages employees to lie and do whatever is needed to sell mortgages to clients.  There are people there that will sell programs to people knowing that those programs will hurt the clients in the long run, and FGM supports this practice.  Look up the owner on Google search and "FRAUD" will come up.  We are encouraged to call atleast 100 people throughout the day and hassle them into a buying a mortgage.  I started there to help people, not harass them, but now rates are so horrible that nobody wants to refinance so hassling them is the only way.  I will stick to my principles, ethics and morals and I will refuse to go down that route to make a buck.  As an honest person you have to work 4x harder than anyone else there to make money.  The job was sucking the life out of me and I felt more and more like a scumbag everyday I worked among people that take advantage of others and get praised for it.  Just like, Kenny, my roomate Josh, and Nick Kladis... I'm done!  A big F U to FGM... you won't get anymore money from my efforts DBS....


Good Food, Good Friends... & Drinks..

Cimg0529Kerri and Jeremy Byers showed up at my apartment last night as I was coming home from work so we all went out for some dinner at Moriarties in Toga.  Pretty expensive so I just ended up getting a chef salad and some fried mushrooms which filled me up.  Seeing Byers was nice cause he's usually very busy with his job as a prison guard and lives in the boonies where there is no cell phone reception... but I guess he finally got a house phone to keep in touch with us.  Megan Baxter also came out with us for dinner - she almost had to kiss the old bartender for the extra baileys he gave us :).  Cimg0548We all came back for drinks at our place where we met up with Jess and went out for drinks... many drinks... We went to a new bar called 13 where the paint was still apparently drying because we all quickly got sick from fumes.  Then we went to the Tin and LIn where the bartender said he didn't make any drinks with the word "bomb" in it.. wierd... Jess was in a great mood and somewhere in the recesses of her mind decided to get obliterated, which proved to be the funnies thing we have seen in a long time.  Cimg0549Good to know that she's a very happy, laughy drunk.  After about 4 irish car bombs, and numerous pitchers without having food in her stomach she became a little tipsy... ok, really tipsy - see picture- especially on the way home from the bars.   Later she became very helpful around the house; taking down the shower curtain, going on wandering tours in her sleep of the apartment including a detour through my bedroom to get to the bathroom... freakin' hilarious.


Sunday, November 6, 2005

Sorority Life

Cimg0490Had plans for my friend Jacquelin to come visit Toga and party last night but everyone bailed on her so she decided to stay at SUNY Albany and beat on their pledges.  She invited me down and for some crazy reason I decided to go without knowing what I was walking into.  Jon Hughes goes to school there also so I figured I'd probably bump into him as well.  Got a speeding ticket on the way down there.  Busted by a Laser - my radar may as well have just printed out a ticket!  Trooper was very nice though and we even talked about skiing before he reduced my ticket from 76 to a 70 in a 55... Shitty.  Anyway, got to her dorm and began to pound horrible box wine with her and about 10 other girls and a wierd guy who was maybe 5 feet tall.  I learned later that he just hangs out with them and really isn't anyone's boyfriend.... hmmmm... Cimg0483We got a ride from the pledges who were clearly upset about not being able to party or see their boyfriends and everywhere I went I was greeted in unison by groups of hot girls, "hi Jon"... VERY VERY COOL.  Ended up at some local college bar.  At this point I was completely hammered but trying my best to keep my composure.  Jon Hughes met us there and I don't even remember what time I got back to the dorm with Jacquelin but apparently we ate a whole container of her roomate Kate's ziti... mmmm mmm.   Great night despite the ticket :)


Saturday, November 5, 2005

Lesbians and blacking out...

Well, last night everyone bailed on coming to Toga because of a going away party for Eric Loreno who is moving south.  So, Rick Spratt-ta-tat-tat came over with a bunch of beer and he and I set out drink as many as possible.  Sara from work and her girlfriend Jess stopped by for a while and got pretty frisky on the couch which entertained the drunk Rick Spratt immensely.  Adrian and Kristen stopped by at around 11 but Adrian was so drunk from the brewery and previous bars Kristen took him home pretty fast and put him to bed.  Sara and Jess took off to go do whatever it is lesbians do to each other... hehe, and Rick and I headed out to the Bullpen and Gaffneys for some drinks and I don't remember the walk home.  I did wake up this morning with a girls number on my hand and another different one in my phone so I must have talked to some girls... who knows what I said I said to them... ha.  Another great Toga night.  Josh and Jess are up in the mountains of Vermont somewhere relaxin, so Rick slept in josh's bed... won't tell Josh that part though... ha.


Wednesday, November 2, 2005

I love the fall...

Cimg0378_1Went mountain biking this morning on the Skidmore Trails before I went ot work.  It was awesome flying through the trees with all the colors and the temperature was perfect.  Fall is such a great season.  No bugs, no sweating, and winter is just around the corner.  Heading to Killington this Saturday!  Getting my skis waxed downstairs as I write this :)