Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Good Food, Good Friends... & Drinks..

Cimg0529Kerri and Jeremy Byers showed up at my apartment last night as I was coming home from work so we all went out for some dinner at Moriarties in Toga.  Pretty expensive so I just ended up getting a chef salad and some fried mushrooms which filled me up.  Seeing Byers was nice cause he's usually very busy with his job as a prison guard and lives in the boonies where there is no cell phone reception... but I guess he finally got a house phone to keep in touch with us.  Megan Baxter also came out with us for dinner - she almost had to kiss the old bartender for the extra baileys he gave us :).  Cimg0548We all came back for drinks at our place where we met up with Jess and went out for drinks... many drinks... We went to a new bar called 13 where the paint was still apparently drying because we all quickly got sick from fumes.  Then we went to the Tin and LIn where the bartender said he didn't make any drinks with the word "bomb" in it.. wierd... Jess was in a great mood and somewhere in the recesses of her mind decided to get obliterated, which proved to be the funnies thing we have seen in a long time.  Cimg0549Good to know that she's a very happy, laughy drunk.  After about 4 irish car bombs, and numerous pitchers without having food in her stomach she became a little tipsy... ok, really tipsy - see picture- especially on the way home from the bars.   Later she became very helpful around the house; taking down the shower curtain, going on wandering tours in her sleep of the apartment including a detour through my bedroom to get to the bathroom... freakin' hilarious.


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