Saturday, November 5, 2005

Lesbians and blacking out...

Well, last night everyone bailed on coming to Toga because of a going away party for Eric Loreno who is moving south.  So, Rick Spratt-ta-tat-tat came over with a bunch of beer and he and I set out drink as many as possible.  Sara from work and her girlfriend Jess stopped by for a while and got pretty frisky on the couch which entertained the drunk Rick Spratt immensely.  Adrian and Kristen stopped by at around 11 but Adrian was so drunk from the brewery and previous bars Kristen took him home pretty fast and put him to bed.  Sara and Jess took off to go do whatever it is lesbians do to each other... hehe, and Rick and I headed out to the Bullpen and Gaffneys for some drinks and I don't remember the walk home.  I did wake up this morning with a girls number on my hand and another different one in my phone so I must have talked to some girls... who knows what I said I said to them... ha.  Another great Toga night.  Josh and Jess are up in the mountains of Vermont somewhere relaxin, so Rick slept in josh's bed... won't tell Josh that part though... ha.


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