Saturday, November 26, 2005


LevelonewebMegan came over tonight at about 6pm with a bottle of wine which we both began to tank before going to the Mathematicians at Wallabees Jazz Bar in Glens Falls.  Rick came by and was nice enough to be our driver for the night.  Josh and Jess went to the Allman Brothers Concert instead.  We watched the movie "Crash" here before heading to Glens Falls and by the time we got there I was absolutely hammered.  I don't recall much of the night except dancing like a maniac.  Cimg0795I know that Jeremy Byers as there with Dave Long and Brian King and Devin, Jonny, Nick and Audra.  I also know that the Mathematicians stayed in character and absolutely rocked out.  You should definitely check out their website and buy their cd (just click on the photo above).  Apparently I danced a little too hard because when I woke up this morning my keys were gone, as well as Megan's phone (the 2nd she's lost in a week, haha).  Cimg0810And from what I've heard we were all very drunk when we got back to Saratoga last night.  I threw Megan into a  few snow banks and even carried her up the icy stairs into the apartment.  I then proceeded to pass out underneath the coffee table in the living room here... whoops.  I vaguely remember parts of all this... Anyway... I now have a hang over.  Check out the pics I took of the band rockin' out.  It was a small jazz club so they were really packed in.  It was a great time and seeing them live was unbelievable.Cimg0813
Update:  Found my keys after searching everywhere... apparently they fell out of my back pocket at Wallabees.  Oh, and photos from top to bottom are:
Pete Pythagoras, Albert Gorithm the 4th and Dewi Decimal.  You'll have to do some digging to find out their real names...


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