Sunday, November 13, 2005

Platekill almost killed me!

Cimg0557Went biking with Matt Jones today at Platekill ski area in the Catskills.  It is a small mountain but Matt and I heard they had good downhillin'... hells yeah they do.  Matt and I showed up with simply bike helmets on, while everyone else there had huge heavy downhill bikes with 10" of travel and full body armor padding.  I even got made fun of for it!!! Whatever, Matt and I hauled ass faster than half those posers there!  I took a couple good diggers and am still bleeding a little bit from each of my limbs.  Cimg0562_0001I torked my headset sideways, ripped my brake handle off, and messed up my gears.  Matt ended up with two flat tires for the day.  We were able to repair my brake halfway through the day, but it was mad shady and I had to squeeze it all the way to the handle to get it to work at all.  Took Matt 3 hours from the city to get there and it took me about 2 hours.  They had a great course set up with a huge road gap, double-ups, drops, a see-saw, and a wooden bridge you could launch off of at the end.  Only place on the East Coast I've been to with such a setup.  It was awesome and next year when I get padding I'm going to kill it!  Great day and always a good time biking with Jonesy Bone :)


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