Saturday, November 26, 2005

Skiing with Kladis

Cimg0727Skiing on Friday was absolutely amazing.  Best skiing I've had over Thanksgiving weekend ever.  The lines were short and there was over 60 trails open at Killington.  I actually found a few trails through the trees that led to open fields of about 8" of fresh powder and untracked.  There weren't any built jumps yet but I found one on the side of the trail that gave pretty good air time.  The picture I put here shows how deep the pow was shows the rolling knoll I was hittin' for some air.  I've also included a photo of a Gaper Cimg0732(If you can see past the bright orange jump suit you'll notice she has a NIKE hat on, rear entry boots, and the oldest pair of skis I've ever seen).    I'm going try to take pictures of these kinds of people all year long so whenever I post about skiing keep an eye out for a Gaper.  And in the meantime support my bros in Tahoe by buying their ski movie (just click on the photo of the DVD below). Despite the weather being about 10 degrees and the blowers on some of the trails the skiing was great and I stayed until about 3:30pm.  My Bronze pass wouldn't work because of the blackout date but they gave me a free ticket somehow anyway.  I was alone, but it was great rocking down powder slopes with my ipod and pickin' lines through the bump runs.  I came home on friday night and was beat tired but managed to visit Matt one last time and hit 904d58d296494ac49a0c51d0bba1f901_boxcoveup the hot tub again to soothe my muscles with him and Dennis Russell who stopped by.  I didn't stay long as I had to meet up with Nick Kladis at 8am the next morning.
The skiing on Sat was definitely not the same as friday.  The snow had been skied off and there were more people at the mountain resulting in longer lines.  Nick and I met up with his friends George and Klute from FGM who were apparently already drunk at 10am in the morning.  They took two runs with us that dissapeared for more beers at their car and we never saw them again.  Nick was not having a good time on his board over the rough terrain and negotiating through all the people so we left after a quick lunch at about 1pm. Cimg0734 Nick is too used to the perfect skiing of western ski resorts so he didn't want to deal with the crappy conditions.  He was my ride so we took off early.  My skiis were pretty beat up by that point anyway.  I'm not sure what my plans for tonight are yet but I heard something about the Mathematicians playing in Glens Falls so I may hit up that...  3 days of skiing in thus far and many more to come!

PS.  I'm sure if the Gaper would appreciate the font....


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