Sunday, November 6, 2005

Sorority Life

Cimg0490Had plans for my friend Jacquelin to come visit Toga and party last night but everyone bailed on her so she decided to stay at SUNY Albany and beat on their pledges.  She invited me down and for some crazy reason I decided to go without knowing what I was walking into.  Jon Hughes goes to school there also so I figured I'd probably bump into him as well.  Got a speeding ticket on the way down there.  Busted by a Laser - my radar may as well have just printed out a ticket!  Trooper was very nice though and we even talked about skiing before he reduced my ticket from 76 to a 70 in a 55... Shitty.  Anyway, got to her dorm and began to pound horrible box wine with her and about 10 other girls and a wierd guy who was maybe 5 feet tall.  I learned later that he just hangs out with them and really isn't anyone's boyfriend.... hmmmm... Cimg0483We got a ride from the pledges who were clearly upset about not being able to party or see their boyfriends and everywhere I went I was greeted in unison by groups of hot girls, "hi Jon"... VERY VERY COOL.  Ended up at some local college bar.  At this point I was completely hammered but trying my best to keep my composure.  Jon Hughes met us there and I don't even remember what time I got back to the dorm with Jacquelin but apparently we ate a whole container of her roomate Kate's ziti... mmmm mmm.   Great night despite the ticket :)


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