Thursday, November 24, 2005


Cimg0698Happy Turkey Day everyone!  Nothing really exciting planned with my family.  It will just be my Aunt and my parents at the Adirondack Coach House.  I'll probably just have my favorite prime rib for dinner instead of turkey.  Had fun last night.  Went to the Jones' and hung out with Logan for a bit.  I hit up their massaging hot tub for a while and my back this morning feels better than it has in weeks!  I then went out to Juds and met up with Chris Hurly, Stumpy, Jacquelin, Lindy and Shannon.  Dave Long was there with Kinger and Jonny and Deven and Megan was with Kinger as usual.. haha.  I hung out there for a bit then followed Stumpy in Chris' old giant black Dodge down to Glens Falls and the Bullpen.  By then it was about 3 in the morning and the only people I knew at the Bullpen were about 2 grades below me in highschool so I decided to leave.  As I was about to leave I bumped into Jacquelin's friend Arian (the one I made out with on my birthday).  She needed a ride back to Ballston Spa so I offered and drove her home.  Found out that she is making nearly a grand a night in the city stripping... that kinda money almost makes me wish I had tits, oh well.  Cimg0704As soon as I dropped her off it began to snow like mad and I was running on fumes in my truck (see photo).  I still can't believe I made it back to my apartment without running out of gas.  So, for the night before turkey day I had a great time and ended up driving the only stripper I know home at 4am.  Go figure.


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