Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Very Drunk Nick Kladis

I believe the highlight of tonight was Kladis rubbing his breasts and belting out "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me".... Unreal how funny this kid was last night.  After I got back from skiing I found out that everyone was coming down and up to meet up in Toga for the night.  Jeremy Byers, Dynomite Daryl, Dave Simon, Kasey, Jon Hughes and his friends, Jess, Josh, Nick, Audra, Kate and I all went out to the two shittiest dance clubs in Toga - the City Tavern and then the Venu (where I snuck around the 5$ cover.. hahaha).  Drunk_kladis_at_the_venu_111905_27Kladis was at his prime singing every rap lyric to every song that came on... very amusing seeing that normally he only listens to punk rock bands with us... haha.  Audra was kind enough to tell me that my hair has gotten completely out of control and that I need eye cream!!! what!!!!????  Jon and I convinced Kate Chamberlain to come out and play because she had a bad day and she ended up seducing me like she always does with those damn dance moves of hers.. haha.  Great time and I think this picture of Nick captures it well...


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