Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bat Attack!

Bat_attack_122705_05I was standing in the doorway of my room talking with Rick and Josh tonight when I kept seeing something in my room out of the corner of my eye.  I thought it must be something in my contact freakin' out so I didn't Bat_attack_122705_04think much of it until I turned around to go to my computer and got buzzed by a bat!  I jumped out of my room screaming that something was in my room, which Josh, Jess, Kevin Shpunt, and Rick all laughed at until they saw it fly behind my head.  Jess screamed and booked it to Josh's room, I made a mad dash for my camera on the computer and then dove out of my room onto the couch as it buzzed me one last time.  Rick, Kevin, and I grabbed Bat_attack_122705_01my halogen lamp to shine light and slowly crept into my room.  Eagle-eye Spratt saw it first... hanging upside down from my aiwa surround sound speaker behind my bed.  Josh came in immediately after with his  sweatshirt on, a hoodie pulled down nearly over his eye and gloves, walked up, grabbedBat_attack_122705_02 it and tossed it out the window.  The brave, fearless Joshua Alexander Scott... too bad I caught him wearing Jess' coat just an hour earlier... Our theory is that it was a homosexual bat who caught a glimpse of Jessica's outfit, mistook her for eiher Richard Simons or Sir Elton John, and flew in through our door looking Indexphpfor some action!


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