Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Seafood Fest

This year for Christmas my aunt Sue Culligan who usually eats with us went Seattle to visit my cousins Ann and Erin so it was just my parents and I for Christmas Dinner.   A few weeks ago my moChristmas_dinner_and_presents_122505_01m asked me what I wanted to do for dinner and I thought of something my Italian friend Kristen Rougeau (now a last name cause she's married to the Lake George technology teacher) told me when we were in high school.  She told me that it was traditional for Italians to have a seafood dinner for holidays... which sounded like a dream come true to me.  So, after all these years of Christmas_dinner_and_presents_122505_05stuffing  myself painful with turkey and ham I suggested a seafood feast for christmas and told my parents I would take care of everything.  This was good news to my mom who didn't want to cook and my father who is a fanatic about lobster as much as I am.  So, yesterday I picked a 1.5lb lobster, 3lb lobster, 2lb of alaskan king crab, 1.5lbs of shrimp, 30 cherrystones, and some smoked raw salmon.  Icooked up a feast and easily cleaned up the pots afterwards.  We didn't even have a side dish with the meal besides some sliced avacado!  Afterwards my father was saying how full he was until I pulled out the best desert for a seafood feast... watermelon, which he happily devoured.  i was sure that all of us would be sick after such an enormous meal but we all felt fine!  I took home just a couple legs, the body of the 3 pounder and some clams and plan to finish it all off completely tomorow night.  It was a great idea except for the fact that both my parents have high colesterol and I may have just served them their death... lets hope not!

When I got back to the apartment tonight Josh and Jess showed up andChristmas_dinner_and_presents_122505_15 exchanged presents... I've neveChristmas_dinner_and_presents_122505_12r before seen two people give each other so much stuff... it took 3 trips down to the dumpster to dispose of just the wrapping paper... I almost threw Scotto in by accident cause he had so much wrapping around his head as usual.  Jess (who had apparently just finished filming Faster and More Furious 3 almost passed out when she opened up the Coach bag Josh gave her!  Jess gave Josh a giant poker table to feed his addiction!  It was a great Christmas for everyone!  Meeerrryyy Christmas!!!


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