Saturday, December 3, 2005

Decorating the Tree

Victoran_streetwalk_12105_19Josh and I picked up a Balsam for our Christmas Tree on Tuesday and we got to decorate it last night while getting very drunk off a bottle of wine and microbrews.  Josh and I got very lost out on route 29 somewhereVictoran_streetwalk_12105_02 and stumbled across some trees at Old Saratoga Home and Garden.  We decided to throw a Christmas party on the 23rd so we got lights for the apartment and stairs and ornaments etc.  Our apartment is very in the season right now.  Jess has a phobia with Tinsel so I put some on my head to go scare her but ended up swallowing about 4 strands and choking which prompted our good friend Rick Spratt to explain the details of tinsel...
"Be careful Jon, you might get the bird flu because tinsel is packaged in Indonesia, in fact, all good tinsel comes from indonesia" - What the?!  I went skiing today at Killington but I was pretty hung over and only stayed about 4 hours because the conditions were shitty also and there were too many people.  Taking it easy tonight and still recovering from last night.


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