Tuesday, December 13, 2005

First Day at EMS

R2ems_3Had my interview with the store assistant manager George Yesterday at Panera Bread next to EMS and easily got the job.  I was hired on as extra help for the holidays which is good because I still need a lot of time for my graduat school applications I'm pounding through.  My job title is officially Store Guide.  I simply walk around and answer questions based on my expertise in the outdoors and use my experience to suggest solutions that will fit customers' needs.  Pretty easy, just on my feet all day.  We are allowed to wear and try on anything in the store throughout the day and I'm excited to meet new contacts there to do the outdoor activities with that I love like hiking, climbing and skiing.  Pay sucks, but atleast it's something :)  Plus... I get DISCOUNTS!!!! Oh yeah.....


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