Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Drunkin' Christmas!

Cimg1272We had oCimg4246ur Christmas party last night. I picked up a quarter keg of Yuengling Black & Tan and Josh picked up several bottles. The people that brought booze for the gift swap left the bottles out for all to enjoy. My mom swung by at the beginning of the party and got to meet Rick and Jess. People started showing up at about 9pm and the party and drunkeness quickly Cimg1302escalated. Byers showed up with an ornament for me (3 m80's wrapCimg1309ped around each other with the wicks twisted together) and Kladis brought over a sick bottle of Big House Red Alcatraz wine from cali. Two gigantic bottles of Grey Goose made an appearance and were quickly tanked throughout the night. Everyone had a great time. Josh threw the m80's at our neighbors car while he was standing there which could have been trouble but nothing came of it. Jess passed out in Josh's room around midnight and Jeff Merigan was quickly behind her passed out under Josh's Bowflex. Casualties of the party include a couple holes in the walls, a broken bike, a wax from candles everywhere, booze over everything, some puke on the lawn below, a few broken glasses, and some broken darts. Apparently, Megan Baxter and I ballroom Cimg1279danced for a long time. Rick and I decided to longboard around the apartment at 4am, and Josh and I as usual beat each other up. Jonny Hughes lined up some "special" shots of booze for us that got us really f'd up.

Cimg1294the scariest moment for me of the night actually happened in the morning. There I was quietly lying in bed at about 9am and I felt someone laying on top of the covers behind me and the person's arm was over me. I thought, "oh God, what have I doneCimg1286... what mistake did I make last night... who could this be?" Scared, I decided to just pass out asleep again and deal with it in another hour....hopefully the person would leave by then maybe.... So at about 10:30 I decided I needed to find out... I slowly opened my eyes, turned over and was staring Rick Spratt in the face... I began to scream... Rick jumped up and wandered to the couch, stiCimg4250ll in a Cimg1378drunken delerium. I then found myself in the fetal position in the tub crying like a girl trying to scrub off anything Rick may have tried to do to me over the night.... Now, after I calmed down and took some valium (not really) I decided to think it out and figure out what happened. We all opened presents in Josh's room and I recieved a giant Wok from Rick, and penguin pajama pants and Cimg4263Cimg4247skier boxers from Jess and Josh. Jess and Josh both loved the framed photo of them eating the dinner Jess made for Josh on our lawn. We were all still really drunk. Rick had lost his camera at the party and left to go see family. I wandered down to the bike shop to tell Chris about the party. There I found out that Jon Hughes... the kid I had THOUGHT had slept on the Cimg4265cCimg1385ouch and forced drunk Rick into my room, had actually not slept over at all... THIS MEANT THAT THE COUCH WAS EMPTY!!! Why Rick Spratt decided to wander into my room and spoon me all night will be a mystery that may never be solved!

We ended up with about 8 bottles of booze left over, 3/4 of a keg, aCimg1368nd a lot of candy. I also ended up with beer stomach all afternoon... It was a great party. We had beer, booze, explosives, great music (after Greg Filiberto was escorted away from my computer where he was camped most of the night playing rage rock), and we even had a pair of lesbians that were nice enough to kiss Cimg1325for the camera of a really drunken asshole (me). It's going to be a wCimg1332hile until the keg is fully drank...

Here are the list of people in attendance that I can remember... Josh Scott, Rick Spratt, Jessica Schmidt, Nick and Au
Cimg1398dra, Megan Baxter, Kerri, John Howland, Brian King and Beau, Kevin McCormick, Jeremy Byers, Ken Wilhelm, Jon Hughes andCimg1404 two friends, Kate Chamberlain, Jeremy Russo, Jeff Merigan, Jamie Foss and boyfriend, Jackie Luin, Adrian Berozowski and kristen, Sarah and Jess, Logan Jones and Jacquie French, Matt Jones and Sara Jones, Chris Hurley, Greg Filiberto, and my mom!


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