Friday, December 16, 2005

To Be a Red Sox Fan

Cimg0959Cimg0963_0003_1My roomate Josh has decided to look into baseball cards recently  purchasing cards on ebay.  He knows athletes so well that he just flips through thousands and finds one that are worth money. He has the potential to make quadruple what he's spent on the cards if he can find an outlet for them.  So... Iand has begun decided to get my old cards and letCimg0963_0001 him look through them... To my horror this is what he found... This man cost us a World Series Ring and was pretty much run out of Boston for it... Just like Grady Little was when he kept Pedro on the mCimg0963_0004ound in 2003.   We Red Sox fans don't take kindly to people that completely fuck up over over half a decade of hope.... as you can see...


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