Thursday, December 1, 2005

Victorian Streetwalk

Victoran_streetwalk_12105_06Tonight was the Victorian Streetwalk in Victoran_streetwalk_12105_07Saratoga.  They blocked off the entrance to Broadway and all the stores were open.  There were a whole bunch of Santas walking around and one drunk one playing the sax.  There were reindeer and dancers and about 100 performers throughout the town.  I walked down with Kate and AdriaVictoran_streetwalk_12105_16n with his housemates.  It was very Christmasy.  We stopped into see Kristin at the Celtic shop then got some Chai which kept us warm... and me awake most of the night.  The best part of the whole night was seeing a giant 20 foot tall Wacky Wailing Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man in front of the city center.   People started filtVictoran_streetwalk_12105_17_1ering out of the crowded town around 10pm so we came home and met up with Josh, Rick and Jess and had a few drinks.  On the way home we saw a guy walking a Newfoundland (the biggest dog I've ever seen).  The head on it was the size of a small bears head it seemed and according to the owner it wasn't even full grown yet.


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