Saturday, December 17, 2005

Wayy too stressed leads to Wayy too drunk

After work last night I decided that I would like to go out for a drink.  Josh and Rick decided to head over to Mike Savastano to meet up with Tyler Frank and others for a bit.  I decided to stay home and drink a bottle of wine and a few beers before meeting up with Adrian after the FGM Christmas party at the Prime Hotel about 1000 feet from where I live on Broadway.  Apparently he said cocaine still runs rampant at FGM and that the party was pretty lame and nobody listened to Dave Silipigno's stupid speech.  Anyway... I met up with Adrian downtown and we were both pretty drunk at that point (him from the party and me from the wine).  We stumbled into "13", a new bar downtown, and were greeted by a very drunk guy claiming that it was a private christmas party.  We didn't believe him, easily distracted him and then made it to the bar.  Adrian was pulling out money to pay the bartender for two shots of Southern Comfort but she said it was an open bar.... ohhhh yyyeaaahhhh... 6 shots later he and were stumbling out of the bar delirious and made it to "The Cimg0964Alley", a skeevy bar in the back streets of Toga where we met up with Kristen.  After a pitcher of beer there, the two of them wandered home and I wandered back down to the bars on Caroline Street where Josh and Rick met up with me.  They wanted to enter a club with Jess and her friends but I couldn't get in because I had a t-shirt on and jeans... stupid clubs.  So, apparently from what I've been told I started yelling stuff about FGM and everyone there doing coke (with mostly FGM people around me in the streets from the party) Whoops... I stumbled into a few bars... I think... looking for something to do or someone to talk to, and then wandered home.  Josh and Jess showed up very quickly after me, sick of the club almost instantly and found me passed out on the couch.  Someone must have kicked me because I found my way into bed.  I ended up spending nothing which was great and was incredibly drunk from it all!!! That's me... Work hard and Play Hard... I spent all day today relaxing and recovering... Just what I needed after a hard week of Graduate School resarch and my new job. 


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