Thursday, January 12, 2006

Big Plans

Well, I had mentioned before plans to visit my graduate schools at the end of this month... after days of planning I finally finalized them.  I was able to get a flight to San Diego on thGraduate_school_toure 23rd for $145, a rental car with unlimited miles for a full 10 days for $270 and my flight from Seattle to Miami for the weekend and then home is free because I used 25,000 of my 130,000 flyer miles with United.  To top that I have premiere seating on each flight because of my mileage status.  The tough part will be the 2,000 mile drive from nearly the boarder with Mexico all the way to Seattle along the historic and scenic Pacific Coast Highway.  I've heard it's the most beautiful drive in all the U.S. and I plan to only drive during daylight to see it all.  It's a two lane road and I've heard rumors of 45mph speed limits and traffic in areas such as L.A. so we'll see if I'll be able to do it!  It will be nice to see my cousins in Seattle again because I haven't seen them in nearly a year.  Here are my Plans.... Click the thumbnail....


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