Monday, January 30, 2006

Graduate School Tour Day 8 - U Dub

        Monday I visited University of Washington, nicknamed U.Dub for obvious reasons I didn't catch on to until Erin pointed out the W (dub)... I took a local bus down to the school with Erin at about 8:30 in the morning from her apartment which only took about 20 minutes.  Erin was working temporarily Day_8_university_of_washington_130_10at the medical center there so it worked out fine.  Upon arriving at the School of Oceanography I learnind that one of the professors could not make it because of a death in the family leaving me only 3 people to meet with.  This left me a little time so I went across the street for some breakfast at a campus cafe before my first appointment at 10am.  I met first with a couple geophysicists who quickly determined I would need more math and programming skills to fit into their programs.  At lunch time I noticed the weather was clearing up so I walked around the main campus snapping pictures of the wet buildings in teh sunlight.   U. Dub really has a beautiful campus and it is so big!  I returned to the Oceanography building at the waters edge and met one of Professor Deborah Kelly's students Kris Ludwig who had wonderful things to say about Deb but noted that she probably wouldn't be taking anymore students on for the next year.  I then met with a professor named Paul Johnson who had wondeful research going on studying silica off the coast and glass sponge reefs but again unfortunately he is not taking on any more students because of a lack of funding. 
        I left the University a little dissapointed because it seemed like every professor I hit it off with who works in the fields I'm interested in could not take on anymore students for next fall.  The school also seemed to lack a teaching emphasis when preparing students for their PhD, although I should note that professor Veronique Robigou Day_8_university_of_washington_130_20and other grad students there are working to change that.  I met up with Erin at 5pm after spending an hour or so in the computer lab trying to work out plans for visiting Victoria the next day.  We went back to her place and she made me some wonderful pasta with spicy italian sausage... I'm hungry thinking about it now....  We relaxed and watched some TV.  Eric got home at about 10:30pm and I was out cold by midnight having made tentative plans and ferry reservations for the next morning.


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