Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy New Years

Went out to First Night in Saratoga tonight with Rick Spratt and one of my favorite girls Kerri Shpunt.  Kerri, Rick and I went to the City Tavern first then met up with Megan Baxter and her Skidmore friends Emily and Jess at the Venu.  I had been working on the keg of Black and Tan that we still have from the Christmas party and after a few drinks out was pretty hammered byNew_years_and_dads_stories_07 the time we got to the Venu.  Rick had wandered off by that point and Kerri and I, after I apparently danced for a while with Emily, came back to the apartment where we both pretty much passed out.  I woke up to find out that Kerri and I had gotten completely soaked playing in the snow on the way home and Rick had saved a poor girls life who was wandering around in open toed shoes in front of our apartment.  He apparenly invited her in and helped her get a cab or find her friends or something because she was half hypothermic!  Way to save the day Rick!  Josh and Jess spent a quiet evening together.  It was a good time and I'd like to reiterate to anyone who thinks differently... KERRI AND I DID NOT HOOK UP. :)  Although I did get a kiss from her at midnight :)   - that photo was taken from our porch earlier in the night...  HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!


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