Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Panic and UC Santa Barbara

I don't know if God hates me or what but yesterday I was looking at my graduate schools and wondered why there weren't more focused on Oceanography in California so I Google'd it... I missed one.. UC Santa Barbara.  Not only does it have the best program in Marine Tectonics in the U.S. (My primary interest) but it's in one of the most beautiful areas of California.  I looked at the deadline... January 1st... so I frantically sent out an email pleading with faculty and Uc_santa_barbarastaff to give me the opportunity to apply.  I got an email this morning saying that they had unofficially extended the deadline and that I could apply.  I then had to frantically ask my Bowdion Professors and one of my old supervisors at ENSR International (my environmental consulting job in Boston) to overnight recommendations to UC Santa Barbara.  Thankully I got it all done and my materials will be there by early next week.  I've even set up a few appointments to visit professors at the college on the 24th of this month on my trip.  Kate was nice enough to come over and cheer me up with some tv, sweedish fish and ice cream as well.   As usual, click the thumbnail to check out the college!  I lucked out on this one.  It's my first choice now and I hope to God I make a good impression when I visit!


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