Sunday, January 22, 2006

Playing Wing Man

Jonny Hughes came down to Toga last night and we met up with his buddy Mike and headed off to Gaffneys.  At that point in the night I was getting pretty drunk.  We met up with Nick Dier for a few drinks before he had to leave.  Lindy Stumpville came out with a friend and met us at the bar.  By this point in the night I was very tipsy and began to flirt with a group of asian girls at one of the Out_with_john_meg_and_mike_4_asian_chicktables.   After flirting for some time I discovered that the really cute one had her eye on Mike so I put in the good word and introduced her to him.  Jonny was oblivious to all this and was trying his best to hook mike up with Lindy at the same time.  At this point my memory begins to blur but I remember going over to the Bullpen at 3:30 and the giant fat gorilla bouncer wouldn't let one of their friends in.  This caused me to get really angry and mouth off a bit which the bouncer definitely deserved because he was being unreasonable.  I told the bartender that they were about to lose 9 paying customers from their bar because his stubborn bouncer wouldn't let one last girl in.  TheOut_with_john_meg_and_mike_4_asian_chick_1 bartender yelled at the bouncer and with a big grin I watched the fat bastard open the door for the girl.  So, having saved the day I continued to play wing man for mike with the other not so beautiful friends.  I vaguely remember stumbling out of the bar on the way home and waiving to Mike who had his arms full of girls... hahaha.  Way to go buddy.  Jonny and I returned home to my apartment having both played wing man for our buddy.   I heard early today that the girl ended up staying at Mikes and they both had a good time! 


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