Wednesday, January 4, 2006


I was planning to arrange my travel plans to visit possible graduate schools today.  I need to call United and use my frequent flyer miles, arrange for a rental car, and make plans with the schools I'm visiting so that I have a place to stay at each.  When I turned on my internet browser it went to my MSN page as always which I had put my daily horoscope on.  I never read my horoscope but happened to glance down at it today for some reason... This is what it said: 

An opportunity to travel with a partner or colleague, perhaps
business-related, could come your way. Any travel planned or begun
today is likely to go well and brin
g you whatever results you were
hoping for. Whatever it is you're planning, dear Cancer,
it should
excite your enthusiasm and optimism
Sinder_and_stir_fry_1406_05 for your future success. Relations
with others, both business and personal, should be warm, cordial, and
stimulating. Make the most of it!

Scary huh?

Oh, and check out the sweet stir fry I made with the giant Wok Rick Sprat-ta-tat-tat gave me.


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