Sunday, February 12, 2006

Final Destination 3... In Albany?

Last night I met up with Travis, Myla and Jessie again to go see Final Destination 3 but for some reason the girls thought it would be a great idea to see it in Albany.  I found this odd but didn't say anything.  Travis brought it up on the ride down there in my truck and we all laughed about it.  We ate some food and got some drinks at Hoolihans in front of the theatre before going in.  The movie was exactly like the first two but more gruesome and with more nudity... and not that good.Myla_jessie_at_travis_21206_04
        After the movie we went back to Travis' place in Wilton for drinks and foosball and to hang out
with his super cool dog Tyler (a husky and shepard mix- my favorite).  We broke out some beers and cinamon After Shock which left us all a little buzzing.  Travis and I are still a little overwhelmed I think after meeting these two girls.  He's a super cool guy and I'm glad he's around for support when we hang out with the very energetic girls.  Ha!


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