Sunday, February 5, 2006

Last night... wow...

        Back to life in Saratoga!  Last night I ended up going out with Kerri Shpunt and a bunch of her friends to Gaffneys for a few drinks with Jonny Hughes.  Ironically we ended up meeting up with two other Jon's... so there were 4 of us.  Everytime a girl said our names we would all turn around.  Kerri went off to flirt with some guy she thought was cute and we eventually followed them over to the 4th floor of the Tavern where the night for me abruptly changed.
        I had taken no more than 5 steps into the room when a cute brunette with a green shirt that had a lemon printed on it with the words "squeeze em" grabbed me and started to dance with me.  When I say dance, I really mean DANCE... I looked over to see her tall blonde friend "DANCING" with a tall guy who looked as perplexed as I was about the situation but we just nodded at each other kept dancing.  Later I found out his name is Travis and that he's a really cool guy.  After dancing for about another hour it seemed, having lost all of my friends in the process, travis and I decided to continue the party back at my place because we were all drunk none of them were fit to drive home.  So we ended up going back to my place where unfortunately I think we made so much noise it kept Josh and Jess up all night.... Both grls turned out to be super cool and Travis is a snowboarder so the two of us hit it off well too.  Jonny Hughes meanwhile had come home before us and passed out on the pull out couch so the four of us had to crash in my room which of course had plenty of room.  What a crazy first night back in the area!   


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