Thursday, February 9, 2006

Ski Trip

Went on the annual group ski trip to Killington, VT the past two days.  It was great to see everyone from my old job again.  This year we had a
great condo
Ensr_ski_trip_2906_13 that was 3 stories high. It
had two baths with walk in saunas, two hot tubs, two kitches, two tv's, a pool table
and a deck. Really sweet! 13 guys showed up this year and we had a blast. The chefs cooked up several turkeys and hams the night I was there. A real feast! I could only stay for one day but we had a
good time together. Even
though there
hasn't been much snow the skiing was great and the green trail down to the condo
was several miles long and provided great area to practice switch skiing - and
to race the Captain! Everyone seemedEnsr_ski_trip_2906_12
to have a
good time and it was great that we were all able to meet up the summit bar for a
few drinks together. Unfortunately I
won't be able to attend next years as I will be studying in graduate school but
I hope to keep in touch with all the guys as they have become good friends - and
I hope to see a couppe of them at Americade this June as
well! Miss ya

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