Monday, February 13, 2006

The start of the day...

I'd just like to take note of the first half an hour of the day....Flat_tire_21306_01

1.  Wake up and take an uneventful shower
2. Mistake #1 - Turn on front right burner which was last used for steaming clams and has dry clam juice all over it quickly resulting in a very potent stale burnt clam smell throughout the appartment.
3. Mistake #2 - Ok, I'll just run down to my truck and grab the febreeze air freshner... Oh, look.... my front right tire is completely flat to the ground... that's nice... oh well, atleast I'll get the febreeze....
4. Mistake #3 - Nope... the febreeze is frozen solid but I try the nozzle anyway where it procedes to get stuck open releasing all the pressurized air.  Undaunted I still try to run hot water over it and use it.... nope, nothing..  It is at this point that I start to get a little frustrated with things and start stabbing at the febreeze with a knife... bad I idea, and thankfully I wasn't able to pop it.
5. The last straw - I make myself my chai and chocolate mix but can't find the lid to my $25 starbooks travel mug.  Shit.... What a morning


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