Monday, February 6, 2006

Superbowl and sharing pics with the parents


Watched the superbowl last night.  At first I wanted the Seahawks to win but realized that the Steelers and their fans wanted it a lot more.  80% of the people at the game were actually Steeler fans so i'm glad they won in the end.  I was supposed to go down to visit Kenny Wilhelm at his new apartment in Albany but he never called.  Too bad because my mom had made a huge batch of lemon squares for me to bring down to him... Rick, Jess, Josh and I ended up eating them all anyway... haha. 

        Tonight I went over to my parents and brought my ipod with all the trip pictures on it to show them.  They enjoyed seeing my travels and hearing all the stories I had to tell them.  I came back to my place at around 7pm to catch up on last monday's "24" episode before tonights. 
        Since this season began Josh and I (two obsessed fans of the show) have hooked Jess, Rick, Kladis, and even my parents into the show.  When the first show starts off with three of the main characters getting assasinated and blown up you konw it's gotta be a good season!  For those of you who don't know the show it would be like turning on friends for a new season and seeing Ross, Joey, and Monica die in a car accident in the first 5 minutes.... yeah, pretty damn good show.


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