Saturday, February 18, 2006

What a wonderful weekend


At 9pm on Sat I got a call from Adrian and Kristen asking if I wanted to go out with them and Kristen's friends from Merrymount College.  I said sure and we all went down to Desperate Annies at about 10:30.  Kristen's friends Carolyn and Nicollete were both very energetic fun people.  Walking downtown was very eerie.... It was pitch black.  Apparently the only reason our apartment regained power was because we live on the same power grid as the Saratoga Hospital so we got priority.  Everything south of Church Street was a black hole, which meant 90% of Saratoga was still in a
Weekend_with_nicolette_21806_74 blackout.  Desperate Annies had a generator going and heat lamps inside but it was still frigid (coldest day of the year).  We had a couple rounds there and then went back to Adrian's which also had power (his apartment is also on Van Dam Street) and continued to drink there.   There was  a
lot of dancing that ensued at that point (see pic).  We started to watch Elf but it was 2am so we all were falling asleep.

    Nicolette was telling me about her experiences in Rawanda helping the children there through Weekend_with_nicolette_21806_82
World Vision which really impressed me.  This girl has beautiful green eyes and a perfect smile.  Truly beautiful.  Adrian passed out early drunk holding his cat so it ended up being me and 3 girls on a small little futon couch all spooning each other... haha... Nicolette is the most wonderful person I've met in a long long time.  Her energy, her laugh, her smile... in one word - Amazing. 
    Sunday we woke up and went to breakfast at Comptons, which had regained power overnight,Weekend_with_nicolette_21806_83Weekend_with_nicolette_21806_006
and then to Kristen's mom's and the mall for a bit just to kill some time.  Adrian felt awful so he
stayed at home while I went out with the lovely ladies (after stopping to take a shower at my place of course).   At the mall we found a jumbo
gumball machine and Nicolette got a giant grape gumball! Mmmm, my favorite!   It was a great day hanging out with Nicolette before she had to go back with Carolyn.  It was a totally unexpected but wonderful weekend and I hope to see Nicolette again soon!


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