Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bartending Final and Fire on the Mountain

    Last night was my bartending final.  I spent the entire day at my parents studying all the drinks, and all the different name brand liqours.  There were about 75 different brands of liqour I had to know the color, taste, and location for.  I made up ridiculous sentences to remember all theCimg2661
names... For example... Here is the sentence I made up to memorize all the bourbons : "My Old Grandad J.D. Harper shot a Marked Turkey with Old Fitzgerald Dickel in the Comfortably Sweet Canadian Yukon"  In that sentece the liqours are Old Grand Dad, Jack Daniels, Jim Bean, I.W. Harper, Old Fitzgerald, George Dickle, Makers Mark, Wild Turkey, Southern Comfort, and Yukon Jack (only one from Canada).  For Gin I came up with "Lt. Gordon Dropped Boodles of Tangy Beef Bombs over London" which of course includes Beefeater, Tangueray, Bombay Saffire, Boodles (all of those from London) and Gordons (U.S.).  Needless to say I did well on the test and I only missed one drink on the pouring section. 
    After the test I got a call from Megan Baxter inviting me to go to Fire on the Mountain with Cimg2664
them.  I called up Sarah who thought it was a great idea.  Unfortunately, MeganCimg2669 fell asleep and after stopping at Sarahs for her to get warm clothes we made it to West Mountain just as the fireworks were ending.  We had a few quick drinks
there and then made our way to Judd's in Lake George which I hadn't been to in over 5 months.  We met up with Brian, Jonny Howland, Dave Long, Tyler Frank, and Kevin Chuddick.  We even got Jess and Josh to come out with us that night so we all had a great Cimg2684
time.  Everyone really loved meeting Sarah... and I found myself really starting to like her as well.  She is so personable and friendly and beautiful as well.  I haven'tCimg2685
heard a thing all week from Nicolette so I guess that was the end of that...  I don't expect anything to come of Sarah and I because I'm leaving so soon for Graduate School but I think we both have a fun time together and enjoy each other's company while I am still here.  So Sarah and I took off back to her place for the night after saying goodbye to everyone. 
    My life has been such a rollercoaster since returning from my graduate school tour across the country.  I have met several wonderful girls and have been accepted to two graduate schools.  It's still very difficult though because I know that I'm moving and I don't want a long distance relationship so I have to be careful not to get too attached to Sarah.... and yet I have such a wondeful time with her everytime I see her...  I still have no clue what happened with Nicolette and I but it's too bad because it may have been a relationship I would have tried to make work if I end up going to school in Rhode Island just a couple hours from her. 


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