Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Olive Garden and Wings

    Met my parents at the Olive Garden tonight (I friggin' love that place).  I had a chicken pasta dish with cream sauce that was amazing.  My dad had ravioli which I was suprised to see him eat (he's very picky).  I went back home with my parents and, once again, helped my mom unload photos from the exilim camera I gave her to the computer.  I think she finally understands now that the pictures can't magically get from the camera to the computer without some effort.  I also showed my mom how to use Itunes a little bit more which I gave her along with all the top 100 songs for every year since 1950.  She loves it.
    At 10pm I drove to Dango's in Glens Falls to have cheap wings with Jon Hughes, Lyndi and herCimg2832 friend Jamie.  I had a couple Newcastles and a Guiness.  It was  good time and I seemed to be on a rare roll with the jokes.  I love Dango's.  It's an Irish bar in Upstate NY completely devoted to the Boston Red Sox.  There were bagpipes playing there until about midnight which annoyed the girls but I love it.  A guy Lyndi met the night before showed up with his scary ass tatoo of satan or
whatever and sat next to Lyndi with his buddy.  It was a little awkward because I don't think Lyndi really liked him... and he drank Coors Light which Jon and I made fun of before noticing he had ordered one...whoops.. haha.  It was a good time and good to see Jonny again and his colorful tatoo that he's been working on... check it out...


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