Sunday, April 2, 2006

9 Maple with the Gang

Kerri came down to Saratoga last night to hang out with us and go out. We were of course watching the Final Four in college NCAA basketball
when she arrived. They were two blow out games. UCLA and Florida pretty much destroyed both teams and I'm guessing on Florida taking the tournament on Monday night. We talked Josh and Jess into heading out with us to the bars around 11:30pm. We all ended up at Gaffneys right away to check the scene out but Jazz_bar_with_friends_in_toga_4106_005
it was a lot queiter from the night before because there was a Skidmore Dance last night and nobody was out to the bars yet. I met up with Mike and his friend at Gaffneys and introduced them to Kerri. Jess and Josh decided to
head off to a small Jazzbar down the street called 9 Maple. Apparently you have to be 22 years old to get into it. I think they must do this to keep the rowdy drunk Skidmore kids out. At first I wasn't keen on going there but walked over with Kerri to find it a very cool, chill place to grab a few drinks - and we even got a spot at the end of the bar near the jazz band. Megan showed up just after we arrived. So, there we sat for about an hour Jazz_bar_with_friends_in_toga_4106_014
and half enjoying the music and each other's company. (check out the pics). It was nice to have the whole group out again. It must be spring time! Kerri, Megan and I decided to head to a few other bars to check out the scene because the Skidmore kids were beginning to trickle downtown to the bars. We all ended up at T&L only to find ourselves immersed in dressed up Skidmore Kids. Kerri bowed out of the scene and headed back to our apartment and Meg and I quickly followed. By that time it was nearing 3:30 am. Kerri and Megan went home and I was suprised to find that Josh and Jess had just gotten home from 9 Maple. It must have been a fun time there! Great night!


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