Sunday, April 2, 2006

Beautiful Sunday

Kerri and Meg called me this morning and asked if I wantedSunny_day_with_kerri_and_meg_4206_002
to join them for some lunch and a walk around Saratoga Park.  Of course I jumped up and showered and tried to sober up to out in the sun. :)  We walked downtown and got some bagel sandwiches at Common Ground and then walked around Sunny_day_with_kerri_and_meg_4206_004
Congress park for a bit before heading to SPAC with some blankets to lay in the sun.  We backed my truck up to the grass and played Dave Matthews (appropriate for SPAC) and just chilled out for a couple hours.  We then went back to my apartment when the sun started to go behind the trees to watch Wedding Crashers and order some Esperanza dough boys and pizza for dinner.  What a beautiful Sunday!


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