Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bye Adrian

Well, again last night I had to say goodbye to a good friend who is leaving Saratoga.  Adrian Berezowski.  I met Adrian at First Guarantee Mortgage and we worked together for about 3 months before I quit last November but we have stayed in touch since and have partied a bunch together.  He's a great buy but it didn't work out between him and his girlfriend Kristin so he is moving back to Sleepy Hollow, NY near the city where he will again bartend and work towards his Bar Exam to become an environmental lawyer. 
    Rick, Adrian, Mike and Adrian's friend Mike Caldwell and I went down to the Tin & Lint for some drinks.  Being a Tuesday we expected the bar scene to be dead but there was a pretty good crowd of Skidmore kids at the Tin & Lint.  After a bunch of beers we were roped into a game of flip cup on a piece of plywood covering a pool table.  Of course us pro's destroyed the Skidmore kiddies but who's counting?... haha. Adrian and I soon had a game of Beurout established which we played for another hour or so using a bottle cap as a pong ball.... At about 2am a beautiful Skidmore girl passed by us and Adrian (always looking out for his bros) blatantly stopped her and introduced her to me (even though he'd never met her before).   Well, we began to talk and ended up chatting for about 10 minutes about her transferring to another school and about her horse riding abilities.  Eventually, I casually asked her, "so, your a senior at Skidmore then?"... she said, "actually, no, I'm a freshman with a really good fake id".  I responded, "wow... I shouldn't even be talking to someone as young as you"  HeAdrianr response shocked me... "It's ok, don't worry... I'm legal".  What!!??? Who says that?  I was blown away, and my buddies of course gave me the high sign to take her home but come on... I've got ethics... I'm 26... nearly 27.. I'm not going to take a girl home who I'm nearly a DECADE older than...
    At about 3am I convinced Adrian to head out and as we walked past The Alley he ducked in for a drink.  I told him I'd leave the door open and wandered back to my place.  Adrian woke up this
morning with no clue how he got home but thanked me for keeping the door open for him.  I hung out with him a bit then said goodbye to him as I walked to work today at 4pm.  He's a good guy and I'll miss him! :)


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