Saturday, April 15, 2006

Rick & the Cops

Last night I went out with Rick and Mike downtown for some drinks.  By the time we left our apartment it was clear that rick was a little drunk... very drunk.  He had on some sort of Don Johnson Miami Vice shirt with flowers if I remember right and he was sloppy drunk.  The night began at Gaffneys where Mike and I proceeded to flirt with his hot friends from work.  Rick was having a great time dancing by himself at times to the live band they had playing there.  Rick was smiling, having fun, laughing, and enjoying the night out.... which is why I'm completely confused about what happened later on....
    As the night progressed we ended up on the 4th floor of the Tavern with some of Mikes friends.  I went upstairs and as usual on that floor was immediately grabbed by a young blonde Skidmore girl and forced to dance with her a bit.  I glanced over at mike who was also talking to a smoking hot blonde so things seemed to be going well.  We had left the Bullpen 10 minutes before and I had thought that Rick had followed us into the Tavern but he was no where to be seen.  After about 5 minutes of dancing/grinding with the cute blonde I asked her age and she responded "21". 
    It was at that point that I apologized and excused myself from the dance floor.  Not necessarily because of her age but because I'm pretty much done with the hardcore partying time of my life and this girl seemed to right in the middle of that time herself.  Also... I didn't see sloppy Rick anywhere.  I glanced over and saw mike dancing and kissing the hot blonde so I didn't even bother to say bye to him.  Correction:  Mike kissed the hot blond AFTER they left the Tavern.  I've been informed he's only danced with one girl at the Tavern - Sarah.
    I proceeded down the stairs to the front door to see Rick Spratt surrounded by 4 cops... uh oh.... I walked up to one of the cops and asked what the problem was...  The cop responded that Rick was very drunk and had been in a fight and was spitting blood on people... This made no sense because about an hour ago I saw Rick smiling and dancing and having a great time, not to mention he is not a violent drunk at all.  After talking with the cop a bit, and after they didn't find anything from running his ID I convinced the 3 cops to let me take Rick home and put him to bed.  Thankfully they agreed. 
    Rick had a large welt on the top of his forehead that looked like someone had hit him with a mallet but he didn't seem to notice it at all.  He was very upset at the hard time the cops had given him though and I had to keep bear hugging him from returning to the scene angry and probably getting arrested.  Thankfully a few drunk Skidmore girls saw the problem I was having and decided to give me a hand by flirting with Rick and getting his mind off of what just happened. 
    As soon as Rico Suave saw the hot girls it was like a switch had been flicked... his whole demeanor changed back to funny, charismatic, flirtatious Sprat-ta-ta-tat.  Next thing you know we were at the corner and the girls waved goodbye and I thanked them for the help. 
    I got Rick home, threw him on the fouton and then returned back to the bar scene breifly.  I met up with Megan and Kerri who were also out that night but they ended up heading out with Clint Sheer back to his place for a party there.  Mike called me and told me about his escapades making out with two hot girls and felt bad he didn't know what happened to Rick.  I told him my luck was out for the night and I headed home...
    At 10am this morning I heard the bike shop guys yelling up to move Ricks car.  I yelled for Rick who replied, "oh shit... I should be in Boston right now!".  I heard him sprint out the door and that's the last I've heard of him since.  I'm sure whoever he's visiting in Boston will get a kick out of his forehead... hahahaha.  YOUR WELCOME RICK.


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