Thursday, April 13, 2006


    For the past two weeks I have been applying throughout Saratoga Springs for jobs at restaurants for the summer and I recieved several calls back over the past couple days.  I interviewed at Forno Toscano, Baileys and Wheatfields.  At first I was excited about working at Baileys because George the owner also was partners with Judd from Judd's Tavern in L.G. and he said that he would try to get me behind the bar later this summer.  His scheduling girl didn't sound like that was going to happen though so I was nervous.  Then I went to Wheatfields for my interview and spoke to the
owner Tim who told me about all the renovations currently going on there.  Apparently they bought the store next to them and are doubling the size of the restaurant while also adding a 25 foot bar.  The bar will be open until 2am during the summer along with a brick oven pizza so it should be a very popular place right on the corner of Caroline Street as people are heading home after a night of drinking.  According to the schedule the renovations should be complete by mid-June for the summer.  He only has a 7 foot bar now and 2 bartenders so he said that he should easily be able to get me behind the bar this summer to help it get started.  I hope he keeps his word.  In the meantime I will be taking tables as a server which should also bring in some great money.  I heard tonight that one server made 9K in 6 weeks last summer during the track season.... I may have to hold off on going to OSU until after Labor Day if I'm making that kind of money!  Anyway, my first night of training was tonight with a beautiful girl named Christina and I had a great time.  The chefs listen to hip-hop in the back and everyone there seems to be genuinely very nice.  I'm looking forward to working there over the summer.  Never thought I'd ever wait tables again... but I also never expected to be in Oregon either... hahaha... how life changes.  Click the picture to go the restaurants web page.


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