Friday, May 5, 2006

Feeder Canal Trees

Today I went to my parents house to visit and to go for a ride on the bike trail before work at 4pm.  I got there around noon and after helping my mom with her computer AGAIN I hit the bike trail on Glen Lake road around 12:15 and rode all the way to the end of the Feeder Canal in Fort Edward. It was a great ride and I was scoping out the terraces of the Feeder Canal for my next stupid stunt.   There are about 5 of them and they are 5-8 feet tall with grassy landings.  This summer when I have Feeder_canal_bike_ride_5506_002
health insurance and hopefully body protection for downhill mountain biking I'd like to come back and hit these.   And if I get good at balancing and trials there is a long pipe about a foot and half wide spanning the Feeder Canal near the Cement Factory that I may try to cross one day... the water is really nasty below so I defintely don't want to fall in.  I got back to my parents house around 2:30 and hung out with my pops for a bit before I had to run to work a little past 3.  It was a beautiful day and a fun ride on the bike trail in a direction I usually don't take.. Stay tuned... I'll post later this summer when I actually go off these terraces. 


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