Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lunch with Cal Ripkin Jr.

Josh got a call today at noon from Jessica saying that the owner of the Old Brian Inn (also the owner of Longfellows where she works) told her Cal Ripkin Jr. had a lunch reservation for 1pm.  Cal is Josh's favorite player of all time so of course we had to go down and grab lunch.  Scan_2
We sat at the bar and had a couple beers waiting for him and when he came in Josh and I miraculously were able to grab the booth directly behind Cal and what I guess was his Rep.  Josh and I ordered our lunches and politely waited while a deluge of people said hi to Cal.  Josh was going out of his mind... I could tell he didn't really hear anything I said to him the entire lunch.  :) He is the huge sports fan so I let him sit in the booth facing Cal.  After we ate and paid the bill we politely stood up and asked Cal to sign a couple baseball cards we brought down.  He was very nice and I made sure to point out that Matsui wouldn't be chasing his consecutive game streak any longer (Matsui broke his wrist after 1700 something consecutive games - 2nd place but still well behind Cal's 2000+ streak).  Josh and walked back to our place ( I was then 15 minutes late for work) and he didn't stop smiling the whole way.  Meeting his favorite player was definitely one of the highlights of his life.  And I'm sure my signed baseball card is now worth a bit more.  :)


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