Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pearl Jam Recovery and MATHEMATICIANS!

Slept all morning after the very drunken Pearl Jam concert.  When I got home from my hike on Thursday my mom told me about the Mathematicians playing on Saturday at Cafe Lena on Phila Street in Saratoga so I called around and asked if people wanted to go.  Rick came over and we headed Cimg3446down to the alcahol free venu around 8:30 to catch the show that started at 8.  We were lucky to get in because the place was packed.  Shortly after we entered they stopped letting people in.  It was a great concert and I was front row dancing up a storm as usual as the kids I grew up with i
n Lake George rocked it out.  They had just come back from a 36 state tour in 40 days.  There were so many people inside the cafe that the floor beams were bouncing up and down like a trampoline.  The band had to ask us to be careful several times because it felt like the floor would collapse.  At one point the band blew a circuit breaker and had to freestyle for a bit.  You know that a band is goodCimg3444_1
when they can overcome and still rock out when something unforseen happens like that.  Then they replayed the song with power when it was restored.  The Mathematicians have so much energy.  They jump into the crowd on nearly every song to get everyone pumped.  They are going to make it big... I can tell.  I even got a "This one's for Jon Ellinger" shoutout from the band.  I had a great time and can definitely say that out of the two concerts I went to the last two nights the Mathematicians was the best!!!! Rock on guys!
    After the concert we met up with Mike and Rick's friend Dan and Travis (the guy I met when I got attacked by Jessie months ago at the Tavern).  We ended up heading over to the Tavern where we met up with Mike's friends from St. Rose.  We hung out there for a while then I went over to Gaffneys to meet up with Leah and Kate for a drink.  Dan and Travis were long gone chasing tail at the Venu which I now refuse to go to no matter what the condition.  I ended up taking off around 3am to head home for some sleep.  What a great concert!


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