Friday, May 12, 2006

Pearl Jam

I came home from hiking in NH and ME last night so that I would be ready for tonight....PEARL JAM!!!.  After sleeping in most of the morning Rick Spratt and Dave Long came over to join Josh and I to start drinking at about 3 in the afternoon.  We had about 60 beers in the fridge.  Jess showed up after work at about 4:30 to join us for a few before heading out 6pm for the Pepsi Arena in Albany.  Non of us were smart enough to piss before jumping in the car so by the time we got to downtown Albany we were all dying.  Finally, after not being able to take it anymore I dove out of Jess' car and ran down a side street to a parking garage where I pee'd behind a cement wall just yards away from mounted police directing traffic.  I caught up with the car again just two blocks down the road.  JessCimg3405 was pissed that I got to go because she was literally dying in the front seat with pain... haha.  Finally
we got to the parking garage and everyone went behind the open car doors.  About 5 minutes later I heard Rick say.. "hey, somebody puked on the car down there"... with a big grin on his face... Yup, our friend Rick Spratt had decided it was necessary to blow chuncks off the deck we were on, onto a blue car parked about 40 feet below us on ground level... and yes, it was pretty damn funny. 
    The concert was amazing.  Kenny Wilhelm even showed up.  Everyone took off in different directions to go meet up with friends and to go inside when we first got to the Arena so I wasCimg3415
walking around lost and drunk when I saw Kenny at the front door (that's his middle finger in the photo...).  We met up and found Josh and Jess and eventually Rick Cimg3421
and Longer at our seats.  I was hammered and walked around for a bit trying to get near the stage but security was everywhere so it was impossible.  I did manage to stand against the rail of the balcony we were on for a while with Longer (obsessed fan of Pearl Jam) next to me.  It was a great concert and I heard all the songs I wanted to - a good mix between the old and the new.  It took us forever (about 45 minutes) to exit the parking garage and by the time we got back to the apartment I passed out immediately.  It had been a long week and a long drunken night... and yes... all 60 of the beers were gone!


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