Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Treo 650... Yup, I'm a nerd

Well, finally the class action lawsuit against Verizon and it's V710 phone is finally over and settled.  I myself have the Motorola V710 phone so I was part of the lawsuit. 
    Basically, Verizon advertized the V710 as having many bluetooth capabilities such as syncing with PDA's sending photos via bluetooth etc etc, but when people bought the phone (myself included) Verizon blocked all these features because the greedy company wanted consumers to have to pay 10 cents to transfer photos and such... thus the lawsuit was started. 
    I chose the option to cancel my Verizon plan without a penalty (because I didn't know whereTreo650large I was going to Grad school when I filled the form out) and to get a $200 rebate on the phone.  Well because I chose that option I was forced to change my phone number and start a new plan with verizon.  My new phone number for anyone that wants to get a hold of me is 518-935-3275. I decided to upgrade my phone to the Treo 650.  I chose to stick with the palm software instead of the Windows Mobile 5.0
Treo 700W because all my stuff is currently in Palm and I don't want to change.  Also the Treo 650 has a better and bigger screen for movies and pictures.  Thus I have a new smartphone pda and can get rid of my Tungsten T3 now.  If anyone wants it let me know and offer me a price :).  Check out the pic to see what my new phone looks like :)


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