Saturday, June 24, 2006

Alex, Mike & Gamble

    After work tonight I called Emily who said she was taking it easy with her roomate Cassie at their place so I got a hold of Mike and went out with him and his friend Alex (cute brunette in picture) for a few drinks downtown.  When he first told me he was coming over to my place with his friend Alex I didn't feel bad about the 6 pack of Smirnoff Ice "wild grape" that I was drinking but then when he shows up with a cute brunette I felt like an idiot.  haha. 

    We ended up going out to Desperate Annies for a drinks and then Gaffneys.  It was busy but not as bad as it was last weekend after the Dave Matthews Concert.  Each of us bought rounds for everyone and Alex introduced me to her friend Gamble (right side of pic) who ironically works with Gary Zack (my landlord) across the street from me blowing glass.  At first he was an apprentice but now he works there full time. Cimg4007 I bought us all a round of Irish Car Bombs at Gaffneys and after a few more drinks Gamble and I wondered back to my place for some left over pizza from work.  He had worked on our apartment when Zack first converted it over and he said he liked what I did with the place.  He's a cool kid and I'll have to hang out with him again.  Apparently Mike and Alex stayed out even later and ended up getting bombed... haha.  Good times, good times.  Work at 11am was a little rough at first and Karen informed me I had bad booze breath... haha. 


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