Sunday, June 11, 2006

Americade 2006

This year Ryan Burns brought his girlfriend's little brother James up to L.G.  I met them out last night in the village around 10:15pm and we headed to Christies for drinks.  James was having a blast at Americade despite the weather.  Ryans friend Seth also returned this year with Ryan.  I called up all the people I could (all the girls I could) for James.... Jen and Keturah from work showed up, Lindy and Jacquelin were there and Kerri showed up with her new boyfriend as well.  We had a great timeCimg3933
and James got pretty drunk that night but Ryan of course looked after him.  The boys took off around 2am and I followed shortly after.  While we were catching up over drinks we had a laugh about all the bikers who get so drunk that they dump their bikes in the street when they try to ride home... haha.  When I was walking back to my truck I saw exactly what they were talking about.. Check out the pic.  It was great to see them again and I hope they get the time to make another trip up here this summer. 


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