Monday, June 19, 2006

Late Father's Day with Dad

Today I went over to my parents place to hang out with my dad for a late father's day.  I was not sure what to get him because he pretty much has everything he cares about.  Then it came to me... what makes an old man really happy... his stomach!  So I stopped at Price Chopper on my way over and picked up smoked salmon, about 50 steamers, stuffed mushrooms and a piece of watermellon and bag of soft black licorice for him.  I then cooked up a london broil on the grill for my parents and the seafood for my dad and I which he loved.  I hung out there watching tv with my parents until I noticed my dad doze off so I took off around 10pm.  I think he really enjoyed the food I brought which made me happy because I always feel like birthdays for my parents are hit or miss with me...


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