Thursday, June 1, 2006

On the Road to Martha's Vineyard

Once again I made the annual trip to Martha's Vineyard with my friends from Boston for the Memorial Day weekend.  I found out that I had thursday night off from Wheatfields so I decided to go a day early and see my old co-workers from the Stack Testing Group at ENSR, catch a Sox game with my little Brother from Big Brother Chris Menchin, and hang out with Megan Baxter who now lives in Sommerville. 
    I got to Harvard, MA at around 11:45am and had a bbq with my friends Ryan Burns, Bobbie Secard, Henry Chow, Kenny Cobb, Frank Tringali, and the new hire James (Ryans girlfriends little bro).  It took a while for us to find a grill with gas in it but we got the burgers cooked eventually.  I went down the road and picked up some Corona's for the crew.  It was nice to see those guys again.  Ryan and James and a couple other of his friends that I met last year (Seth I think) are coming to Americade in a couple weeks so I'll be able to hang with them again but I probably won't see the other guys again before I head out west unless they get a job near here and want to meet up.   They are a great group of guys and I wish I could take them with me to every job I get.  ENSR has apparently gone through some management changes as well and I hope the Air Group survives the changes.
    At around 2pm I headed over to the Westford main office to say hi to Doug Roeck, Pat Ford, Paul Taverna, Arthur Carpentino, Pat Shea, Justin Mosquera, and Jim Morris.   Doug had called me earlier in the week to meet up and I wasn't able to make it because of work so I was really happy to get to say hi to him at the office.  Doug and I think exactly alike politically and about the environment.  He's much more knowlegeable than I so I always had a great time talking to him about both topics.  It was great to see Jimmy again.  He was my direct boss while I was stack testing and no matter how bad the conditions were at the jobs we went to (below freezing 400 feet up in the air, or 140 degrees in a wood press with a gas mask on) he always made any situation bearable with his humor and good nature.  I have told so many people about my crazy boss that we called "the captain" that I believe he may have achieved celebrity status at this point.  Justin promised me that after he graduates with his masters that he'll go downhill mountain biking with me... we'll see.  Katie took the time to lead me to all their new offices.   
    I took off from Westford down Rte 93 to Medford to meet up with Chris for the night.  I hadn't seen him since last summer when him and his mom visited and I took them out wakeboarding.  They had bought me a bunch of gifts, including a new wakeboarding tow rope because we had busted one when they visited last year. 
    Chris and I took off for Fenway around 5pm so that we would have time to buy some scalped tickets for the game.  We ended up lucking out with a parking space near BU just 2 blocks from Fenway with the meter already full of time!  When we got to Fenway we heard a few peopleCimg3471
selling tickets for a hundred a piece which scared my broke ass a lot.  We finally found a guy that was selling them for 80 and we got two (still wayyyyy to much).  We then went to UNO's for some dinner.  I was just sitting down
Cimg3490 when I got a call from Big Brother finally saying that they had donated tickets for us at the Premier Will Call box.  I guessed that they were probably good seats so I decided to scalp the tix we just bought to try to get our money back.  So there I was with my little bro who I'm supposed to be a good influence on, standing in front of the Fenway T exit asking Cimg3480aeveryone I saw if they needed illegally scalped tickets... hahaha, all the while
using Chris as my watchdog for cops!  A father and his 5 year old son came up the stairs and could see
that Chris and I were not trying to scam people and bought the tickets from us for 60 each.  Chris and I of course took a 20$ hit each because we bought them form $80 but we hooked up a nice father and son and I was pretty sure the tickets we were about to get would be amazing.... and I was right!  2nd row behind home plate seats, 2 feet to theCimg3485
left of the netting so we had an unobstructed view of all of Fenway!  When the players hit the ball we were so close that it felt as if we hit it.  We got a few glances from Big Pappi David Ortiz and the captain Veritek.  The Red Sox led the entire game against Tampa Bay and there were some amazing plays made, including one play where Ortiz dove into 3rd base - I Cimg3522
could almost feel the ground
tremble.  The Red Sox started off with Josh Beckett as lead off pitcher and then went to Keith Foulke and closed with my favorite Jonathan Papelbon who I also have on my fantasy team so his save helped me out there as well.  Chris ordered some peanuts from our personal premiere seats waitress and I got a Fenway Frank.  The game was probably theCimg3527a
last one that I would see at Fenway for a very long time and I could not have asked for a better scenario.  I only lived in Boston for two years and yet I was able to sit courtside at an epic Celtics game where they won on a buzzer beating shot and now I was able to sit in unbelievable seats at the 2nd oldest and most famous, historical ball park in the country (If you haven't seen a game at Fenway GO.  The ballpark is so small that every seat is a great one.  It has even been declared a historical landmark).  The energy at Fenway that night was absolutely amazing.  The "wave" went around the stands 6 times at one point with Cimg3533a
everyone standing up to do it.  At one point a crazy fan even jumped onto the field to run around and got slam tackled by security and dragged out (Megan called to make sure it wasn't me - haha).  It was great to look at the AL East standings board and also see the Red Sox a game and half ahead of the Yankees in the standings!  When Chris and I left the ball park to return to our unbelievable parking spot I was still shaking with excitement.
    After dropping Chris off at his mom's I headed over to meet up with Megan Baxter for a few drinks around 11:30.  We went to a chill bar in Davis Square for a few expensive beers... forgot how much beers in the city cost.  It was great to see Megan again and apparently I am the first one from upstate to visit her (remember that Meg).  She likes the city a lot and is already meeting a lot of new friends - big suprise... not :).  I could tell she misses home a little bit butCimg3549
I'm really happy to see her out there exploring the world and starting over someplace new.  I'm sure she'll fit right in the beautiful city of Boston.  At 1am we got kicked out of the bar (Davis Square closes early apparently) and we went back to her place where I passed out from an exhausting day watching a bit of The Goonies.  Before I got into her place she pointed out that I was a pididdle (headlight out) so I set my alarm for 7am to get down to my old Nissan Shop in Medford to get it fixed before meeting up with Nat and Katie to buy food.  I literally fell asleep with a smile on my face thinking of my last epic game at the unbelievable Fenway Park!  What a day!


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